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Lighting in landscape yard Lighting in landscape yard

Learn more about our landscape design and maintenance solutions to keep your lawn looking great any time of day.

Save on light bills with an upgrade to low voltage or LED lights. We'll consult with you to create a custom lighting solution that suits your needs and your landscape.

Brighten your yard with

custom lighting

Illuminate your new path with custom lighting to complement your beautiful bedding plants, bushes, and trees.


Make your plants shine night and day by choosing Westerland Landscaping Inc. for your installation.

Light up your path with

LED lights

Don't let one light destroy the beauty of your nighttime landscape display. Get custom LED lighting and low lighting installed and repaired.


We can keep your driveway and sidewalks lit and your land glowing.

Learn more about our landscape design and maintenance options.

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Conserve energy with low-voltage lighting options